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The Bug 2

[Earlier installments of The Bug] Now that I knew about the bug, the next thing to do was tell my advisor. It had been just a few weeks since he said to a luminary visiting campus, “One of my students generalized the entropy power inequality,” to which the … Continue reading

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The Bug

As I read through “Information theoretic inequalities”, it felt like the icing on the cake: a simpler proof of a result from my Master’s thesis. The result itself wasn’t the focus of my Master’s but instead facilitated the proof of a number of other results, … Continue reading

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Invoking Authority

Over dinner recently, a friend mentioned that when he is unfamiliar with a topic, he tends to accept what he reads on that topic at face value. The remark sparked some thoughts I’ve been having about how the way in … Continue reading

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Propagating Errors

Jim mentioned Puzzled Pint a few months ago, but it conflicted with an improv rehearsal. However, this month, we decided to make Puzzled Pint our troupe’s social outing. The first step in Puzzled Pint is to figure out where the … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges

While waiting to do an improv set, Chrysteena told me that she and Jim had three cartons: one with apples, one with oranges, and a third with apples and oranges. Unfortunately, each carton was mislabeled, and they wanted to move … Continue reading

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Jigsaw Puzzle Procrastination

“What made you decide to go to graduate school?” During a workshop about academic careers at Allerton in 2008, Roy Yates responded to the above question in one of my favorite responses to a question of this type: “It was … Continue reading

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The Doors

It was the first evening of the 2008 School of Information Theory, and Paul Cuff, then a grad student at Stanford, had just shared a probability puzzle about doors (not the Monty Hall problem). I don’t remember exactly how we … Continue reading

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