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The Doors

It was the first evening of the 2008 School of Information Theory, and Paul Cuff, then a grad student at Stanford, had just shared a probability puzzle about doors (not the Monty Hall problem). I don’t remember exactly how we … Continue reading

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Le Poisson

It was the spring of 2003; Toby Berger and I were both in the common room of Phillips Hall, and there was half an hour before his information theory class was set to start. Toby was advising my honors thesis, a project that was exploring … Continue reading

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4 Prisoners

The end of the 100 Prisoners post asked if there is a way to show that there does not exist a strategy that meets the coupon collector lower bound for release when there are prisoners. Let’s first establish strategies for … Continue reading

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100 Prisoners

100 prisoners are condemned to life in prison, or so they think. One day the warden assembles all of the prisoners together and offers them a deal: “Starting tomorrow, I will select a prisoner at random every day and send … Continue reading

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